Mayfield Demolition and Debris Removal Assistance

Welcome to the City of Mayfield’s special page dedicated to supporting residents and businesses with building demolition and debris removal assistance related to the tornado of December 10, 2021. If you have a remaining need for demolition of damaged structures and/or removal of debris from your property, assistance is available.

To receive assistance with demolition and debris removal related to the tornado, please print out and complete the appropriate application form below. Please note that each application must include a witness signature as well as certain documentation related to your property.

After completion and signatures of the application forms and collection of required documentation, please scan and provide the application and materials to the following email:

Or, you may drop the application and required documentation off at the Mayfield City Clerk’s Office at 1108 Cuba Rd. Suite B between 8:00AM and 5:00PM.

If you are unable to print these applications, you may obtain the paper application from the above Mayfield City Clerk’s Office.

Please note that your application will be submitted to FEMA for review and determination (approval or disapproval). The City is not authorized to approve these requests. Upon final decision by FEMA, we will advise you of FEMA’s decision and details regarding next steps.

Applications for Demolition or Debris Removal can be downloaded using the links below, along with a checklist of documentation required to complete the application.

For technical assistance in the completion of these application, please call our dedicated call center at 270.356.8171