Frequently Asked Questions

The City submitted a request to FEMA to have Private and Commercial debris removed throughout the City for those properties that qualify.  FEMA does not automatically offer this service.  The city has pursued all avenues to assist the Citizens of Mayfield. 

Yes, all debris removed from private property must be related to direct storm damage or related to the demolition of the property due to severe damage caused by the tornado.

Because the City requested the PPDR/CPDR program be instituted, FEMA will pick up the Federal Cost Share, and the State and City will split the remainder of the costs.  In short, this program does not cost the homeowner or business owner any funds, unless they received money from insurance to perform debris removal.

If you the homeowner or business owner filled out the Right of Entry form, provided the necessary documentation, and were approved by FEMA, yes a contractor will remove the agreed upon tornado related debris from your private property.

All debris generated by the December 10, 2021 tornado. Including, construction and demolition debris (C&D debris), Electronic Debris (E-waste), Vegetative Debris, white debris (appliances and such), Mixed Debris, and hazardous waste.

Any structure deemed irreparable or uninhabitable due to direct damage from the tornado.

Hazardous material/waste is defined by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as 1)Toxic 2) Flammable, 3) Corrosive and/or 4) Reactive; some examples may be, but are not limited to household cleaning and maintenance products, latex and oil-based paint, cleaning solvents, gasoline, oils, swimming pool chemicals, pesticides.  These products will also be removed and disposed according to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) as it applies to Subtitle C 40 CFR Part 260

If you received insurance funds specifically for debris removal and you can show that you spent those funds attempting to remove debris (with Invoices) from your property you can still qualify for assistance.  If you received insurance money before or after filing for assistance and you have not spent it on debris removal, you will be asked to forfeit those funds to the State of Kentucky.  This is to avoid duplication of funding.

Unfortunately for renters, only the property owner can apply for PPDR/CPDR and sign the Right of Way form.  However, as a renter you can and should prompt the property owner to apply for the assistance if they are having difficulty performing the necessary work to remove debris from the property or demolish it entirely.

You can pick up an application from the Clerk’s Office or at one of designated application assistance gatherings.

All completed application should be placed in an envelope with the applicants name and address on the front.  Applications can be dropped off at the Clerk’s Office at 1108 Cuba Road, Ste B M-F from 8am-5pm.  Applications can also be mailed to the same address listed above. Attention PPDR/CPDR.  You can also bring completed applications to the designated application assistance locations during the specified times.

You can drop off at the Clerks office, or at the Library or Economic Development locations during the specified assistance time.

You will be notified upon determination of your application.  At this time, the length of time for review and determination is not known.  FEMA reviews and makes determinations on all applications so we do not have a specified time frame on how long the review process will take.

You can call the help line at 270-356-8171 or email us at